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Terry Twombly

Nothing but good news

HAMP, The Administration Score Card, Foreclosures and Mortgage Delinquencies are all doing great, so there’s some good news today in Real Estate. Today in your real estate news and mortgage news we’ve got nothing but good news.  It’s nice for a change don’t you think?  HAMP is doing very well, if you consider reducing principal balances a good thing, which there are plenty of people who do.  They really seem to be on a roll right now modifying their little hearts out right about now.

Then we move to the Administration Score Card, we come across more good real estate and mortgage news.  Yep it looks as though home prices overall are still on the rise and even new homes have improved since the last Administration Score Card was released.  Geez we are on roll here aren’t we?  HAMP is HAMP-ening, and the Score Card is smokin the charts as well.  Can we possibly take any more good news?

Sure we can!  Foreclosures and mortgage delinquencies are down.  Way down.  Like to the tune of 30% since last year!  Things just really seem to be looking up in the world of real estate and mortgage news.  In fact it’s looking up so much that we’re just not sure what to do with ourselves over here at the National Real Estate Post.  Well hopefully we’ll figure something out!

Well you all take all this good news and run with it.  If you’re a salesperson, let your prospects and your past clients know the good news, and if you’re a consumer and you need some help with real estate or a mortgage, check with one of the NREP Featured Professionals on the right side of the site.